Unlocking Leadership for the Future Through Purpose, Conviction and Culture

For the past year, leaders have continuously adapted through the phases of the COVID crisis at pace and scale whilst operating under a floodlight of scrutinisation which questions leadership more heavily than ever before.

Maximus, a progressive and independent leadership consultancy, hold firm beliefs about the future requirements of leadership and view this crisis as a unique opportunity to reframe the role of the leader.

“2020 has provided an opportunity to pivot around purpose and achieve in a matter of months reorientation that otherwise would have taken years.” – Brent Duffy, Joint Managing Director, Maximus.


Speaking recently at our virtual event, Maximus Joint Managing Directors, Vanessa Gavan and Brent Duffy, explained that it was through the firm’s twenty years’ experience working with senior leaders and through their body of research that three critical areas emerged which leaders must turn their attention to that are proving more pertinent than ever.

1) Purpose:
Purpose is the ability to understand the contribution you want to make to the world beyond yourself and translate this into drive, ambition, and courage to make a lasting impact. Maximus observed that leaders who were able to link individual purpose with that of their organisation, were in a far better position to work through the ambiguity the crisis created owing to the stabilising nature of purpose. Further, those who invested in purpose have shown up for their stakeholders with strategies, solutions and innovative approaches that make a difference.

Purpose is the north star, the anchor, the stability in a crisis that helps us to confidently steer in new directions. The challenge and opportunity come with living it, making deliberate choices that align to it and embedding it in the way you operate.

2) Conviction:
Maximus found conviction to be a grossly underleveraged capability for most leaders, especially those in corporate Australia surmising that this may be a reason for why we rank behind in Strategic Clarity and Innovation (World Intellectual Property Organisation Global Innovation Index, 2019). Vanessa explained that conviction starts with an insatiable curiosity, involves commercial and strategic judgement beyond just the economics of the business, and deep purpose over self-interest. This translates into an agenda around what you want to contribute to the world – the impact towards the extraordinary.

3) Culture:
A performance culture is fundamental to success and, as Vanessa noted, those organisations who have it rose to the occasion during the crisis. Whilst it can be tough, is uncomfortable and requires discretionary effort, it is essential to build it into the fabric of your culture and required if you are to rapidly develop people within your organisation.

Maximus posed two questions for our guests to consider through the lens of purpose, conviction, and culture:
1) What is unique and special about you, why should anyone be led by you?
2) Are you a caretaker of today or a steward of tomorrow?

“Future leaders will not lead from a position of preservation, scarcity, power and ego, they will lead from a position of purpose, clarity, abundance and impact, reimagining and shaping our shared future.” – Vanessa Gavan, Founder & Joint Managing Director Maximus.


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