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There really isn’t much about the contracting market in Sydney that Renee doesn’t know about. Accomplished, trusted and with a loyal following she has partnered and given advice to many grateful HR people over the years. Also a working mum Renee brings fresh and real understanding to flexibility topics.

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My solution to the challenge of being a working parent whilst also home schooling!

‘Baptism of Fire’ is the way I would best describe this last week! Navigating the challenges of us moving the business to a working from home arrangement, adapting to these new changes, assessing which communication channels work for us all to stay connected, and generally just looking at how we get our jobs done.

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The First 90 Days – A New Employee’s Top Tips

Congratulations! You’re starting a new job. You’ve cast aside the security blanket of your previous working environment. You’ve survived the rigorous hiring process. Now, brimming with confidence, you arrive for the first day of work secure in the knowledge that of all the candidates, you were the one that was identified as having the right combination of skills and attitude for the job.

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