Thinking in Moments

Today at Maximus’ offices in Pyrmont, Sydney, Maximus and Peoplecorp held an event to discuss the importance of creating differentiated customer and employee experiences. With a discussion led by Associate Director at Maximus, Laura Sturt-Addicott, we talked about the means of improving these experiences by utilising a methodology called ‘The Power of Moments’, developed by senior US university faculty, best-sellers, and brothers, Chip and Dan Heath who partner closely with Maximus.

To give context for those who were unable to attend, take the picture above of the fireworks display at DisneyLand. This is how most people will remember their day there – a truly spectacular experience. This is in spite of the fact that throughout the day they may well have had less than fabulous experiences (think long wait times and over-priced, poor quality food!) Laura discussed examples of organisations where the same theory can be applied to the experiences for their customers and employees.

In particular, we covered:

  • The psychology behind how we memorise experiences and why it’s not what you’d expect
  • Why focussing on creating ‘moments’ can disproportionately improve your customer and employee experience with a high ROI
  • How to build ‘peak’ experiences for your customers and employees
  • How to embed real cultural change and enable customer transformation to occur
  • The importance of cultural transformation and shifting mindsets to enable leaders and employees to be customer centric and create moments customers remember
  • The invisible link between employee experience and customer experience and why it has never matter more

The topic resonated with the audience, and a timely point for many organisations considering how to create a truly differentiated employee and customer experience.

The discussion demonstrated a keen interest across a number of sectors and across both customer and employee experience. Laura Sturt-Addicott can be contacted on

“There are lots of opportunities we can create with our customers and employees that we just overlook because we’re not thinking in terms of moments.” – Chip Heath, Author and Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business.