The Generosity of Women

Last month I talked about my own thoughts after reading Amy Cuddy’s new book Presence.  On reflection some of the messages from ‘Presence’ seemed to also tie in nicely with Brené Brown’s famous TED talk from 2010.  If you aren’t one of the 24,032.234 people (at my last count) who have listened to what she has to say then it’s probably time to grab a coffee and find yourself 20 minutes to have a listen.  For me the link between the two is the value in self-awareness and being authentic.

Coming to terms with the truth that no-one is perfect and that it is ok to accept and recognise one’s imperfections is a powerful insight.  But not only that, Brené Brown demonstrates how that understanding actually works for, rather than against, us.  She calls it the power of vulnerability.

Both Amy and Brené  are amazing women, both have great messages and wisdom to pass on and both seem in their own ways to be encouraging us all to make the most of what we have, not what we haven’t,  imperfections and all.

In this world where perfection is constantly heralded as the ultimate goal, particularly for women, where the words ‘talent and ‘war’ are aggressively placed side by side and where women are still struggling to just be appreciated as worthy human beings, both these women are refreshing in their outlook, in their pragmatism and in their willingness to seek and share ways forward.

Little wonder they influence so many people.