Live Entertainment In A Virtual World

Let’s be honest…. Zoom Fatigue is a thing.

In this new era of communication the way we interact has changed. We need to find new ways of creating experiences that can bring people together despite the distance and make them feel present and connected. Entertainment has always been a great way to charge up energy. In a virtual world however, finding entertainment that doesn’t feel like merely watching a Youtube video is not so easy.

In our most recent session, we were joined by Australia’s #1 Corporate Entertainer & Mentalist, Anthony Laye, who showed us that it is possible to create an online interactive and engaging experience for the team.

For years, Anthony Laye has been captivating audiences around Australia with his mind blowing ability to seemingly read people’s thoughts and control their choices. Over the past few months Anthony has shifted gears, becoming a pioneer in the changing world of corporate entertainment and online communication.

Anthony mentioned during the session that initially he was unsure if it would be possible to create an online show that would rival an in-person experience. For the first couple of months he held off, worried that he would fail and his brand reputation could be damaged. But then he realised that in this new world of virtual communication, everyone has a front row seat! Distance is irrelevant and the wonder can be delivered direct into people’s homes and offices.

A key takeaway came in a conversation after the show was when Anthony mentioned that there isn’t one person on a Zoom call that turns up thinking ‘I hope this is a boring session’. EVERYONE wants to have a good time and be entertained. When we approach all our interactions with this in mind it makes us more engaging and changes the experience for everyone.

Did it cure the Zoom Fatigue? Well we think these comments from a few guests will give you the answer.

Thank you to Anthony and to everyone who joined us. Click here if you want to learn more about Anthony Laye.