Finding New Growth

At our most recent lunch event Peoplecorp and The Moir Group hosted some 150 CHROs, CFOs and CEOs to hear an expert panel discuss the challenges of, and opportunities for, business growth in the current climate.

With Rich Hirst seamlessly moderating the discussion our panellists included Cathy Doyle, CHRO at Rabobank, Maria Philips , CFO at Velocity and Sarah Adam-Gedge, MD at Publicis Sapient.

Rich started by explaining that the motive behind bringing this cohort together again after the success of last year’s event was to continue to discuss how these 3 pillars of leadership can work more constructively together in all circumstances to ensure the business continues to grow and remains profitable. As Rich pointed out, this is overwhelmingly the top priority for CEOs globally when surveyed recently. He also shared an interesting slide pointing out it took 65 years for us to reach the figure of 50 million people to fly on a plane, but only 19 days for 50 million people to subscribe to Pokemon Go! We live in rapidly changing times indeed.

Rich posed some interesting questions and discussion points including the panel’s views on what impact the recent election result would have on the economy as well as asking why HR has sometimes been given bad press as a function and how that view has evolved over time. It was interesting to hear the panel’s views on whether they approached growth in a bullish or bearish way. Both Cathy and Maria, who are in consumer led businesses commented they were more conservative and on the bearish-side where Maria, coming from a business to business side, was more bullish.

One other key takeaway was to always try to see opportunity in a crisis and using the Stephen Bradbury story, always look to take advantage of ‘the turn’.

Our thanks to The Moir Group for co-hosting the event with us and to our guest panellists; Rich, Cathy, Maria and Sarah.