Cool Ways to be Kind

It’s that time of year when cheer and goodwill abound and many of us reflect on how we can improve and enrich our lives in 2018. But wherever your focus lies on the wheel of life, one thing that has a positive impact on every area of our lives is Kindness.

While most of us would consider ourselves kind souls, are we really walking the talk and demonstrating random acts of kindness in our day to day lives? Chances are we could do better.

In the workplace, simple acts like helping out or engaging with colleagues can improve psychological well-being on both sides.

Let’s face it, being kind feels good and there’s plenty of evidence supporting the positive impacts of kindness and altruistic behaviour on the brain.

A 2015 study found that being ‘prosocial’ in your behaviour (including acting kindly towards others) was a boon to mental health, lowering stress levels overall. And scientists in 2016 found that being kind to others was actually more helpful to psychological “flourishing” than being kind to yourself; effective self-care, in other words, should probably include some acts of kindness towards others.

So in keeping with the festive season, here are a few kindness acts that work for us here at Peoplecorp.

Calling all sleepyheads!  Here’s how you can support cancer research when you aren’t using your data allowance.

Yes, you can support cancer research while you sleep! DreamLab is an award winning app that uses the processing power of your idle phone to power the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

By simply charging your smartphone while you sleep and donating the unused power, DreamLab harnesses the processing power of your phone to decode DNA sequences of cancer patients, allowing scientists to detect, diagnose and treat the disease better and quicker.

You can even choose the research project you’d like to support! Nifty eh?

For Vodafone Australia customers, the mobile data needed to use DreamLab is free. If you’re not with Vodafone Australia, you’ll use small amounts of data from your mobile or WiFi plan. Full details from the App Store or Google Play

Donate your old laptop to help teach a child.

Following on from our interview with Emma Hogan last month we heard from the team at The School for Life Foundation. This not for profit is featured in Emma’s book ‘Inspired Kindness’ and supports communities’ in rural Uganda. They are currently looking for old laptops that can be donated to provide much needed resources for schools in Uganda. For more details, contact

Round up those old mobile phones you have lying around in desk drawers, it’s time for a Muster! 

This month OzHarvest and Mobile Muster are launching their Mobile for a Meal campaign. For every mobile recycled this summer Mobile Muster will donate a meal through OzHarvest to Australians in need. More details


Got too much stuff?  Time to clear it out AND help someone along the way.

Last but not least, if you have a gift you’d like to donate, check out Givit. It’s like a matchmaking service between charities and those in need. You tell Givit the item you have (bath products, tennis racquet, jigsaw etc) and they put the call out to dozens of charities to help find the ideal recipient. It’s that easy.