A Wise Head on Young Shoulders

I admit it, I have a thing about attitude. In all the years I’ve been recruiting I can honestly say that attitude, when harnessed for good, has demonstrated itself to be one of the most valuable traits you can have as an employee, a manager, a leader… the list goes on.

I was reminded of this when my 13 year old niece was talking about her view of the importance of attitude. So my ears pricked up, I wanted to know more. ‘Would you like an example?’ she asked. Yes, I surely would!

And in that patient way 13 year olds have when explaining something to an adult, she explained that in her personal experience her attitude to rejection had helped with her sporting achievements. ‘How so?’ I asked. Well, as she explained, when she first took an interest in running she was never picked for the team at school, so she decided to take a positive attitude to training hard.

And did you get picked for the team then? No, not at first. Despite her hard work she still wasn’t picked for the team but that was ok as she could keep training and anyway at the end of the year she got a massive trophy for best effort! Big smiles all round.

And on she went, keeping her focus on her training and she became faster, until, yes, she got picked for the team. Not only did she get picked but she won First in her main race.

So you see, she explained, I just needed the right attitude.

You did, I thought, yes Maia, that’s exactly what you needed. How well her attitude will serve her through the years ahead both in and out of work.

Sometimes you need a 13 year old to remind you what you always knew.

Thanks Maia!