Why Peoplecorp and not one of the big Search companies?

If you need a search that extends beyond Australia then we’d say go with one of the big players, as that’s the reach you’re paying for. Whilst we recruit for many global companies our focus is Australia and our network here is as deep, if not deeper, than we think you’ll find anywhere else.

Another reason our clients come to us is about our style, approach and continuity.

Clients trust our judgement and we probably know more about the Australian HR Executive market than most. We know what makes candidates tick, where they’ve shone….. and where they’ve struggled.

Aside from that we’re energetic, friendly and professional.

Are there any alternatives to a full scale Search?

Yes, we recognise it may be that a full search isn’t necessary for the level of your role or you may be under time pressure. To cater for those possibilities we also offer shorter, quicker less resource intensive search alternatives.

Please contact Tim Henry for more details.

I need someone very soon. How quickly can you act?

Our network of HR contacts is strong and you can benefit from that as we can move very quickly. Candidate availability and your internal processes are other factors to consider of course but for our part we can start as soon as we get your go-ahead.

What about the ‘hidden’ market?

Yes, sometimes the person you are looking for isn’t active in the market so to some extent they are hidden, however generally not from us! HR Directors and Head of Function who will move for the right role keep in touch and know we will contact them when the right role and right company, comes along. We also provide research services if market mapping is required.

Have you any examples of roles you’ve recruited?

HR Director, Pacific; Part of the Pacific Leadership team, reporting directly to the CEO. HR function of 35 people with 2,500 employees and part of a global multi-national property business.

Global Head of Performance & Planning for a global ASX-listed financial services business.

Reporting to the Global Head of HR and responsible for designing a world-class HR function and leading on major organisational-wide projects.

Head of HR Transformation & Delivery; The lead role in transforming the operational parts of the HR function in this globally renowned FMCG business.

What remuneration package levels do you work at?

Generally search and executive assignment packages sit anywhere between around £250K upwards to £500K, and beyond.

What if I need someone to hold the fort whilst we recruit?

We offer a fully integrated service in that we can provide you with an HR Executive Interim Manager to keep things going whilst your search is taking place. It’s a great option as realistically if your new person is working in another business they probably have at least a 3 month notice period to factor into the process. Given our knowledge of the role, the permanent person’s spec and your challenges we are perfectly placed to source an Interim for you from our database.

What sort of roles do your HR EIMs specialise in?

They work right across the board but all operate at Executive and Senior levels. Typically, where resource is needed on an Interim basis, clients are looking for well-experienced managers and leaders who can hit the ground running and who are experienced at both the strategic and the operational. The HR EIMs we have on our database tend to specialise in OD, Transformational Change, Learning & Development, Reward, ER, Project Management, HRIS, HR Leadership, Functional Heads and HR Strategy and all are experienced leaders and managers.

In what situations are companies using HR EIMs?

Start Ups, M&As, HR Projects, Due Diligence, HR Audits, Transformational Change, Systems Implementation, or back filling a senior role out for Search are the types of situations that trigger the need for extra resource for a limited period of time. This is where Executive HR Interim Managers come into their own giving businesses a resource that can hit the ground running and be accountable for delivery of your objectives.

Have you any examples of roles you’ve recruited?

Senior Leadership Development Manager. 3 month interim assignment to plan and map the on-boarding of a new COO with this financial services giant, whilst also leading a new organisational design programme of work.

Organisational Change Manager. 12 month interim assignment to lead the change management and organisation design for a global logistics business undergoing a major transformation as a result of a downsizing exercise.

Senior Reward Manager. 12 month interim assignment to work with the Head of Reward to revamp and redesign a suite of employee benefits and executive reward in relation to STI and LTI.

How quickly can you source a senior HR EIM?

Depending on availability we can turn a request around in 48 hours.

I’ll need someone in the next few months, should we talk now or nearer the time?

At this level it’s never too early. Talk to us as soon as you are able so we can start to assess, and lock in, your best options ahead of time.

I need to keep my headcount the same. Can you accommodate that?

Yes. At this level some HR EIMs work though a business or alternatively we place them onto our payroll. Whichever way, they are always under your management and supervision.

What’s the typical length of an interim assignment?

Depending on the requirement the length can be anything from a matter of weeks to implement an urgent project to a full 12 month assignment.

Do you have anyone at this level who would work part-time?

Yes. HR EIMs can be very flexible in their work and delivery.

 Can you supply someone with consulting capability?

Absolutely,  HR Consulting candidates are sourced from our Interim Executives.  Generally, they have a track record of consultancy work and are often Career Interim and Consulting professionals.

Do Consultants only work 5 days a week?

Interim HR Consultants are often able to work the days to suit you and your project. For example it might be that they work 5 days for a couple of weeks to get things off the ground then switch to 1 or 2 days a week once the initial phase settles.

Why Peoplecorp and not an HR Consulting company?

Often, with regular small consulting businesses you get little or no choice about who comes to do your work due to their limited number of people.

Our extensive database of well-qualified professionals has been built up over a number of years and consists entirely of HR people. For our clients this means a much wider choice of candidate and that in turn means your consultant’s skills and background can be tailored to your assignment.

Not only that but we can also pay attention to cultural fit and working style.  If you are in a state of change and the way ahead isn’t too clear, then we’ll source you a person who is comfortable with ambiguity.  We won’t send you a person who is inflexible and only operates effectively where there is well defined structure.  That’s our attention to detail and we can achieve that because our database is so extensive.

Are you more expensive than an HR Consulting firm?

We are very competitive and we believe you get a lot more value from the dedicated and specialist nature of our services than you’ll get anywhere else.

What industries do you work across?

We’ve recruited top level HR people across all corporate industry sectors, from small to large, private to publicly listed, Financial Services to FMCG.  Each have their own challenges and we approach each with the same level of professionalism.

What remuneration package levels do you work at?

Generally search and executive assignment packages sit anywhere between around £250K upwards to £500K, and beyond.

HR Executive Interim and Consulting tends to range from $1250 to $4000 (+GST) per day.

What are your fees and charges?

We are very competitive in the market and we are very happy to discuss how we structure our fees with you over the phone or face to face.

For a conversation about Executive Search please call Tim Henry, Partner, Executive Search on 0415 416 191 or email him at

For Executive Interim or Consulting Projects please call Matt Long, Director, HR Executive Interim on 0423 262 671 or email him at

  • Put simply Matt is very good; he gets it and works on the assignment until it is done. Nimble, good understanding of what it will take to get there and no spin! No need to do anything different as he gets the results you need.

    Darrin MoyGeneral Manager, People and Culture - Harbour City Ferries
  • With their deep understanding of both the HR market and the workings of individual HR careers, Peoplecorp are well respected for their strong and connected network across the HR community. With this foundation, they are perfectly positioned to help companies tap into all the expertise and talent offered by the more flexible careers of highly talented HR professionals.

    Rhonda Brighton-HallFounder & CEO,
  • I've always found Tim reliable and trustworthy - 2 characteristics that I consider as essential pre-requisites for long term partnerships with recruiters. I genuinely believe that Tim acts in the best interests of the client at all times in spite of the potential conflicts of personal interest that can arise in the recruitment industry.

    Steve RowePreviously GM Human Capital, Laing O'Rourke