Peoplecorp Pty Ltd respects the privacy of your personal information. Providing your personal information to us is an act of trust that we take seriously and we want you to be able to deal with us in full confidence that your personal information will be held securely and used by us only in the manner we describe to you.

In line with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, the purpose of this statement is to let you know what kind of personal information we collect about you, how we use it, who we disclose it to, how you may access, correct or change it, and how to contact us.

What personal information we collect and how we collect it

Peoplecorp recruits professionals for client organisations. We collect personal information about you that is relevant and appropriate to our recruitment processes in relation to employment opportunities you may consider with our clients. We collect personal information only by lawful and fair means, and will not disclose any of this information without your prior permission.

We collect personal information in a number of ways such as through you registering your personal details with us, through interviewing you, through receiving reference information about you.

The personal information we collect from you may include, but is not limited to, your name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone and fax numbers, banking details (where necessary), employment history, professional qualifications and memberships, and interests.

You may choose not to provide us with the personal information we seek, however, if this is the case, it may limit our ability to locate suitable employment opportunities for you.

How we use your personal information and when we disclose it

The primary purpose for which we hold your personal information is for placing you with a new employer in either a permanent or contract role, and we will only disclose your personal information to a prospective employer in relation to opportunities you wish to pursue with that particular client. We will not disclose any of the personal information you provide to us, nor will we release this information to any third party, without obtaining your prior permission to do so in accordance with the terms set out in the Australian Privacy Principles.

As part of our recruitment process, we may be requested by a potential employer to conduct references on you. At this stage of our recruitment process, we will ask you to nominate two or more referees who we may confidentially contact. We will not make contact with any of your nominated referees until you have given us your permission to do so.

From time to time we may use your personal information to respond to your enquiries or for the purpose of sending you information regarding Peoplecorp, the website, and services which we feel may be of interest to you. At any time you may ask to be removed from our mailing list and your details will be removed immediately. We will also provide you with confirmation by email that your personal details have been removed from our mailing list.

Help us to hold accurate personal information about you

We rely on the accuracy of the information you provide to us. Prior to the use and disclosure of personal information, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that your information is accurate, complete and up-to-date for the purpose for which it is to be used. Please keep us up-to-date with any changes to your personal information.

How we protect your personal information

We take seriously our responsibility for protecting the privacy of your personal information and have various physical and electronic security measures in place, including restrictions on access to our offices, to protect information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, alteration or disclosure.

How you can access and correct your personal information

You can view, amend or delete your details by accessing our online database at any time. You have a right to view the personal information we hold about you, subject to some exceptions as detailed in the Australian Privacy Principles (Access and Correction). If you would like to do so, please let us know. For security reasons, we may require you to put your request in writing.

As set out in the Australian Privacy Principles, we reserve the right to charge a fee for providing you with access to your personal information, however, that fee will only represent the administrative costs we incur as a result of searching for and providing you with access to the information.

If you are able to establish that your personal information is not accurate, complete and up-to-date, we will take reasonable steps to correct your information so that it is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Should we be unable to agree that the information we hold on you is accurate, complete and up-to-date, you may request us to place with your information a statement from you claiming that the information is not accurate, complete or up-to-date.


Peoplecorp does not use identifiers.


Due to the nature of our business and the recruitment services we provide, personal information including identification is required.

Transborder flows

Generally, we do not transfer personal information to individuals or organisations who are in another country. Should this be necessary, we will request your prior permission.

Sensitive information

We will not collect sensitive information about you unless you have given us your consent, or the collection of such information is required by law, as set out in the Australian Privacy Principles.

Contacting us

Should you have any questions relating to our approach to privacy, please write to us at:

Peoplecorp Pty Ltd
Level 7
1 York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000