Jane PricePartner


My role at Peoplecorp is to ensure the philosophy of making things better for the HR profession is what we continue to strive for. My work centres on Peoplecorp’s strategy and its implementation. Making the recruitment experience better for you and for the people who work here is always my goal.


After a long and successful career in generalist HR, Peoplecorp was created out of a desire to provide better recruitment capability in Sydney for the HR profession. This is a business built by HR professionals for HR professionals. Established in 2000, the business continues to build on its reputation for successful delivery. Our relationships are strong and purposeful, or placements sound and long-lasting.


My last corporate Head of HR role was working with a leading edge research company in the UK. It was the most challenging, interesting, stimulating and totally out there environment I’ve ever had the good fortune to work for! It was there I learnt how to manage and get the best from specialist contractors, such as world-class scientists. That was such a voyage of discovery and became a passion that I was late able to transfer into Peoplecorp.

Arriving in Sydney back in the late nineties was a revelation of another kind and it didn’t take long to see there was a need for Sydney’s HR functions to have a recruitment service driven by fellow HR professionals.

That was, and continues to be, our reason for creating Peoplecorp.


Nothing gives me more pleasure than sitting with anticipation and a glass of wine as I watch my husband make one of his superlative risottos. Perfect!