Caroline StephensHead of Research


As head of research my role is to work with your consultant to provide a comprehensive mapping of the market so we can find you the very best candidate for your role, no matter where they are hiding!


I’ve been a specialist researcher for many years and have also broadened my experience to include succession planning and critical talent analysis. Having worked in agencies across all industries has given me some very interesting insights into people, their career aspirations, what they want from their jobs and the types of roles that interest them most.

I am passionate about how we treat people through the recruitment process and believe good communications is the basis for a good recruitment experience.


I started my career back in London before moving to Sydney in 2007. Now, with almost 10 years’ executive research experience, working for reputable search and recruitment businesses, I have joined Peoplecorp in this exciting broad role.

My experience has included managing small teams of researchers and running senior level research assignments across a range of industries and disciplines.


I love working at Peoplecorp as they support and encourage my other life, working in Reflexology. How cool to find a company where they practise the values they preach!