Andrew PricePartner


A Partner with Peoplecorp, I specialise in Executive HR roles such as HR Directors and Heads of Function. Indicative salary packages would generally start at a base of around $300K plus incentives and benefits.

In addition I am active in the development and growth of the Business with specific responsibility for all financial matters.


My specialism is Executive placements and I tend to work with specific clients where they prefer their recruiter to have worked in corporate HR and have a strong commercial understanding.

The key to successful Search is not the process so much, as having the skill in finding the person who is at the right phase in their career for the stage the business is at and who can contribute to future company goals.

HR should be up there with a seat at the top table making significant contributions. My goal is to ensure you have the right people to make that happen.


  • Recruited senior HRD role for top flight University where the role has responsibility for large headcount and financial budgets. A complex and challenging role.
  • Search for an exceptionally business-minded HRD for a global FMCG focusing on acquisition and growth.
  • Recruitment of an HRD as a new role for an Australia-wide business with an integrated supply and distribution model also expanding in China.


I’ve held HRD roles both internationally and locally and there isn’t much I haven’t seen, good and bad. Since 2000 I’ve adapted that knowledge and used it to help companies and individuals make better recruitment decisions.

Along with my wife, Jane, I share the passion to provide the HR profession with the wherewithal to make significant contributions to the companies they work for and the people who work in them. That was, and continues to be, our reason for believing so strongly in Peoplecorp.


I love a challenge! I get that at the gym and workout regularly. When I’m not doing Peoplecorp stuff I find myself doing geekie computer things, consuming (Jane’s word not mine) the news online or creating a meal from nothing, as I always get the dinner to make when there’s nothing in the fridge!
Nothing is better though, than sitting down to dinner with my best friend/wife and my grown up daughters. Then, life is perfect!