Your guide to winning the room VC-style

From showing you’re human to taking control early, Executive Creative Director Jonathan Pease from We are Unity shares his tried (and COVID-19) tested tips with us.

It was a full, albeit virtual house as the Peoplecorp community were treated to a special presentation from guest speaker, We Are Unity’s Jonathan Pease. Spaces were limited, so in case you missed it or are after a refresher, check out some of Jonathan’s best insights to up your VC game – starting now:

1. Show them you’re human

Home life means real life, so working remotely via VC can mean interruptions from your nearest and dearest. Let’s all take a note out of BBC Dad’s awkward but completely understandable moment, and take heart by remembering: Rather than worrying about life getting in the way, know that more often than not – your working from home realities create real empathy with your audience who get you’re not a robot.

2. Take control early

No matter how much love you put into it, your presentation starts before your first slide. Other than closing, the way you begin is usually more important than what’s in the middle. So remember to give some thought to how you’re going to (virtually) connect with your audience before you present your content. What are you going to do to engage and make it memorable – in a good way of course?

3. Put your audience on notice

The reality is your audience is disengaged at the best of times. And now more than ever, you need to let them know they need to pay attention. This means it’s not about you, and when you actively engage your audience to participate in your presentation (especially if it’s disruptive) you’ll do wonders for keeping people alert and wanting to contribute.


Want more from Winning the Room?

The 70+ People and Business Leaders who joined us for our live session learned some best practice advice that’s just as relevant to the virtual world, as it is in the real one.

“These are great points! Keep them coming.”
“I love this, removes the nerves.”
“Awesome! Love Tight Loose.”
“Very well articulated in a genuine way.”

A big thank you to Jonathan for sharing his insights and if you’re curious to learn more or see how Winning the Room can work for your organisation, get in touch with Jonathan and the team at We Are Unity now.