Working Work Out – What’s an Early HR Career Really Like?

We were delighted to have the team from mwah. Making Work Absolutely Human present at our latest Early Talent Masterclass. Rhonda Brighton-Hall, James Hancock, and Sonja Ankucic shared insights about their careers, the mwah. way of working and their perspectives on what you need to navigate the profession as it continues to evolve.

The mwah. team explained when you see a great HR person they:

1. Nail the basics – they have a grasp of the core HR processes, understand humans, can coach someone, design meaningful work, can sack someone (and keep them whole) and they communicate well.
2. Make a big difference – they have an HR speciality or two (from what many would call the ‘centre of excellence’ groups e.g. Organisational Development, Remuneration and Benefits) and they have 5 big things:
a. They can sell an idea, they need to be thoughtful, and compelling.
b. They can lead people (must have credibility).
c. They apply systems thinking, no HR practice exists in isolation.
d. They apply consequential thinking, if a happens then so will b and c and d.
e. They have business experience, they see the front-line and they see how the HR system applies in context to the organisation’s people.
3. Are constantly hungry for version 2.0 – this is a constant agitation that no HR thinking, practice or process is ever ‘done’. We can always tweak, refine, nuance, change – always move forward. It’s about empowerment to do so, not just saying ‘it’s broken’, more importantly it’s about saying ‘I’ll fix it’

The mwah. team lead some Career Bingo with attendees on their experiences to date and held a fast-paced ideation to surface ideas on what can be done differently to constantly move forward – harnessing the energy of 80 potential HR leaders of the future!

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