Workforce of the Future

In our recent event, Laura Sturt-Addicott from Maximus discussed future workforce trends and how they will change the way leaders optimise employment experience.

Speaking to a group of HR Leaders, Laura dispelled the perception that “technology will take our jobs in the future”. Her view was that rather than taking over, AI will assist humans in order to make up an augmented workforce. The focus will be on personalising employee experience via enhanced data collection and analysis procedures. She also felt the nature of learning will change to prepare us for future-ready careers.

The World Economic Forum had recently shared that whilst by 2022 10% of current jobs would have decreased, this would be counter-balanced by 11% of new professions being created. She believed with the rise of AI and automation that we would be more likely to lose tasks rather than jobs. At the end of the day, in Laura’s words, ‘the future is human’.

Laura then posed two questions to the audience. One was around how leaders in their organisations respond to technology disruption; and the other around who should take ownership for upskilling and learning – is it the responsibility of individuals to ensure they remain employable or organisations to make sure their people have the right skills to do the job? The group shared insights of what’s happening in their organisations in relation to the various impacts of technology to their workforce, and agreed that ownership of learning would depend on many variables, such as purpose and need, but ultimately should be a shared responsibility.

Thanks to Maximus for hosting us at their offices and to Laura for her valuable insights on this important topic.

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