Why building a strong Personal Brand is the key to your success

In our recent event, Alison Shamir – Career & Life Coach showcased the true power & influence a strong Personal Brand can have over our careers.

Like it or loathe it, in today’s 24/7 world we all have a Personal Brand, it’s what we choose to do with it that can help us carve a clear path to success.

Today more than ever it is a hotly contested & widely debated topic. Alison pulled back the layers and went deep in order to clearly articulate what a Personal Brand actually is and how to identify & validate your own key brand attributes such as values and strengths. She also shared her 5 pillars for successfully building or enhancing your Personal Brand. This was supported with a custom digital workbook for all attendees. This workbook acts as a powerful framework allowing the audience to identify the key & immediate actions they can take to kickstart their Personal Brand journey.

Throughout the Masterclass Alison shared examples of well known women and men whose Personal Brands and attributes are easily identified and recognisable to all audiences on all platforms across the globe. These examples personify the power and effect a strong brand can have on an individual as well as the ‘halo effect’ it can have on their networks, companies or anyone they come in contact with.

Alison left us with the challenge (and framework) to develop our own Personal Brand statement in 20 words or less – this certainly got us thinking deep about the value we bring but more importantly how to convey it clearly and quickly for maximum impact.

For more information on Alison’s work across her specialist areas of Confidence, Fear, Mindset & Personal Branding you can head to her website alisonshamir.com.

To get your hands on a FREE copy of Alison’s ‘How to develop a strong Personal Brand Workbook’ simply send her an email on alison@alisonshamir.com with the subject line Peoplecorp, introduce yourself and she will personally send it to you.