The Past, the Present and the Future: Developments in Employment Law.

We were delighted to have Aaron Goonrey, a Partner in the Workplace Relations team from Lander & Rogers present to us at our latest HR Business Lunch.

Aaron discussed the latest key regulatory developments in the area of workplace relations and safety, including the Fair Work Commission decisions regarding modern awards and annualised wages, and wage theft criminalisation. He shared the importance of protecting businesses against wage theft especially with increased regulatory scrutiny, media coverage, and potential criminal sanctions on your business and even yourself.

Aaron went on to highlight other law developments, particularly the new whistleblowing regime, changes in enterprise bargaining and to the Fair Work act, and recent controversial cases around religious and academic freedom. He also shared legal developments on casual employment with an intriguing case on the meaning of a “day”.

Many thanks to Aaron for the very informative session and to everyone who joined us yesterday. If you would like to learn more about anything that Aaron had touched on in the session, feel free to contact us. For more info on Lander & Rogers, visit their website.