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Winning the War for Talent with Analytics

In recent years Deloitte Australia’s talent analytics strategy has evolved from a base level reporting function to an advanced analytics culture where evidence led decision making is becoming the norm. How? Michael De Graaf explains.


The Retention Bonus – Love it or Hate it?

I am blessed to be able to have so many conversations with great HR people. The other day one I was talking with one of the most astute and effective HR Directors I have had the pleasure of knowing and the subject of retention bonuses popped up. Now this particular HRD is as wise as…


The Exit Interview – Commercial Opportunity or Boring Routine?

If you view exit interviews as boring routine and nothing changes as result of the process, then you really do need to pay attention. There is no point in talking about commercial HR if you don’t pay attention to the obvious and hidden cost of employee turnover and realise the savings you can make to…