Scaling your Influence as a Senior Leader

This week, Michelle Rushton (co-founder and director of People of Influence) ran an interactive roundtable session for senior leaders, to help them refine their ability to influence, both 1:1 and at scale.

Digging into the science of perception and impression formation, Michelle helped us examine those rare organisational leaders who are universally respected, admired and influential, to understand what accounts for their impact. We explored the practical specifics of how to elevate your executive presence and be a leader that others are compelled to follow.

The 12 senior HR leaders who attended this lunch session were able to complete the Smiling Ox Paradox Assessment and download their personal anonymous report, to understand how they are showing up and influencing others now, as well as exactly where and how they could improve.

It was a fantastic session with lots of lively discussion. Thank you again to the awesome Michelle Rushton for facilitating such a good discussion.