The Social Index Event

There is no doubt that social media permeates every facet of society nowadays.  We’ve all heard how we should be aware of social media in terms of personal branding, but take it a level further and imagine a system that delivers unique insights around how to find, hire and retain key talent in your business.

In our latest ‘Ask the Expert’ event Fiona McLean, CEO at The Social Index shares the latest data driven technology insights.

The Social Index Concept

In a nutshell The Social Index analyses individual digital footprints and delivers aggregated insights that are relevant to workplace needs including the reach of an individual’s network, their influencer status, career history and if their values are aligned to the business etc.

Reputation is the new black!

One’s online reputation is fast-becoming a valuable professional commodity.

A strong reputation for getting things done and getting along with people, has been and continues to be the critical success factor for high performing employees. Until social media impacted every facet of our personal and professional lives, reputation management and measurement was predominantly only possible at executive levels, after years of consistent performance and building a strong network.

Fiona cited this fascinating TED Talk, ‘The Currency of the New Economy is Trust’, in which Rachel Botsman said “We are increasingly in an age, where your reputation will increasingly be one of your greatest assets.”

Brand advocacy

Given that social media permeates society at all levels, Fiona believes matching your business brand to a candidate’s reputation is now a necessary part of talent management and in some instances, risk management. Nowadays your brand is in the hands of every employee with access to a smart phone (not just a couple of key spokespeople), so more than ever it makes sense to ensure that you are hiring the best fit for your business.

Power of the profile

A 2016 CareerBuilder survey showed that candidates got hired in over 40% of instances for having a professional online image, a wide range of interests and projecting a good sense of their personality so that there was consistency between their online reputation and the person you meet in an interview.

Understand your digital assets

With a consistent understanding of the ‘digital assets’, professional experience, networks, skills, online engagement levels, and other experiences, both the candidate and the interviewer are in a much better position to have a robust, evidence driven interview that is also much more fun.

Fiona McLean is CEO of The Social Index.  If you’d like to learn more about how The Social Index can help you gain a competitive advantage in your recruitment process or even how your personal digital footprint can help your career aspirations email: