Overcoming ‘Diversity Fatigue’

Overcoming Diversity Fatigue

We were delighted to have Grazia Pecoraro from Perspective Hive present to organisation leaders on the topic of overcoming diversity fatigue in our latest HR Thought Leadership lunch.

Grazia mentioned that 2018 saw a number of leaps forward for diversity and inclusion with the Australian gender pay gap at its lowest in 20 years and the #metoo movement shining the light on inappropriate behaviour in our society and workplaces. However, there’s an increasing sense of ‘diversity fatigue’ with some organisations challenged by turning talk into meaningful action or experiencing lack of leadership commitment and accountability.

With a refreshed view of how to elevate the relevance of diversity and inclusion within the context of competing business priorities, Grazia guided attendees through re-thinking the business case for diversity and inclusion. This included reviewing strategic change in both organisational systems and culture, conducted in an interactive organisational maturity mapping exercise which she guided attendees through. Working case studies of how companies have embedded diversity and inclusion into broader decision-making and customer practices were also shared to both inspire the audience as well as provide evidence for positive change being created by leading thinkers.

Grazia has been involved in driving diversity and inclusion outcomes including Westpac’s Women in Leadership agenda by meeting its 50% gender equality target in 2017, as well as implementing workplace flexibility and accessibility programs. You can learn more about Grazia and Perspective Hive here.

Our thanks to Grazia for sharing her insights.