Need Some Office Secret Santa Ideas?

With Christmas just around the corner, the Peoplecorp team will be celebrating this week with the exchanging of Secret Santa gifts. Not strictly HR recruitment content (!!) but we thought our Clients and Candidates might find it useful if we gave you some inspiration for your own Secret Santa exchanges! Check out these ideas below.

Travel Calendar – When you can’t travel the world, let the world come to you from the comfort of your desk. For masochists and hopefuls alike, this amazing collection of 365 beautiful destinations would definitely make anyone’s day.

Office Money Plant – Wish your colleague the best of luck by adorning their workspace with this gorgeous low maintenance money tree plant. Watch it and your colleague grow to prosperity through time, you’ll be their best friend forever.

Personalised gifts – We have had engagements, weddings, and babies here at Peoplecorp this year! Let your team mate know how much you care with a personalised gift… no matter how cheesy it may seem.

UV Light Phone sanitizer – The most frightening statistics would have us believe that your phone carries at least eighteen times more bacteria than a public toilet. Everytime you sanitise your hands, it is wise to do the same with your phone. And this is just the gadget for it! Your colleague will thank you forever.

Executive Decision Maker Pendulum – For those who always sit on the fence about anything and everything, this fantastic decision maker pendulum is the perfect gift to help them close on a decision faster without even having to take responsibility for it.

Happy Holidays, everyone!