Navigating Uncertainty and Emerging Effectively.

In our recent event, the experts from QHR presented on how to help their client organisations emerge from the COVID crisis effectively.

Chris and Alicia emphasised that clarity of organisation purpose is critical, both for the organisation’s health and employee motivation. They showcased scenario planning techniques that bring together the “what we are going to do” (purpose) with the “how are we going to do it” (workforce). Scenario planning brings leadership together to debate trade-offs and agree in direction. This ensures we don’t make short-term decisions that destroy long term viability. Scenario planning is the only basis for HR to drive sustainable employee decisions and to determine which HR programs are priorities.

Thank you, Chris and Alicia, for your insights and to everyone who was able to join us. If you would like us to connect you with QHR, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

QHR is a unique consulting firm that is leading the market in applying the latest strategic workforce planning and HR analytics approaches, enabling clients to unlock the value of their human capital. Clients are able to increase company performance and mitigate the risk of their organisation not having the workforce required to execute their strategic and operating imperatives. QHR is about to launch the eQ8 Strategic Workforce Planning Platform, to bring an accessibility to the market for SWP, putting SWP “on rails”. This will enable organisations to accelerate how they proactively and holistically plan for the Future of Work.