Mindreader Anthony Laye on Unspoken Influence

As HR Professionals we consider ourselves pretty knowledgeable on the subject of non-verbal communication. We are after all interacting with people every day and can discern the nuances of non-verbal communication….or can we?  Mind reader and mentalist Anthony Laye led our pre-Christmas event on Unspoken Influence and guests were captivated by the insights he shared and demonstrated. It is clear that when it comes to influencing others there is an entirely different level to conventional non-verbal communication.

Giving tangible examples and looking at the behaviour of the assembled group of senior HR professionals, Anthony took us through the key ways to establish rapport, providing detailed analysis of the three core areas:

·      How we present ourselves

·      The environment we interact in

·      Our body language

We were initially given a plethora of easy tips ranging from eye contact and the power of the voice, to details of useful mirroring behaviours.

Once an individual has established rapport, knowledge of non-verbal behaviour can be used to influence those around you.

Much to the entertainment of the group, we then studied the limbic responses of the entire body, from head to toe.  Little did you know that the legs and feet are actually the most telling part of the body when deciphering someone’s feelings!

Using a combination of limbic tools, Anthony was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of his tactics time and time again (much to the disbelief of the crowd).  Through the use of subtle influence and observing limbic reactions, Anthony was able to spot when each of the assembled group of HRDs told a lie, completely influence a lawyer’s choices without her recognising she was even being influenced and decode a Head of HR’s non-verbal cues so carefully that he appeared to read her mind. By this time the room was captivated.

Anthony provided us with a 5 step formula to decode limbic reactions giving us the ability to truly interpret our interactions and believe me, these insights will be treasured!

Questions ranged from how to decipher cultural differences, how to comfort people with non-verbal behaviour, how to use the techniques to coach your leaders and address performance management issues.

The event was very popular and we look forward to inviting Anthony back in 2016.

Our sincere thanks to Anthony for his engaging presentation and to all our guests for being such good sports!

For more information www.themindreader.com.au

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