Managing Psychological Risk As We Return To The WorkPlace.

At our recent virtual event, Paul Flanagan (Psychologist and Founder of Life Street), spoke about ‘Managing Psychological Risk as Employees Return to the Workplace’.

Speaking to a group of WHS and HR leaders, Paul noted the uncertainty and complexity that organisations are dealing with in relation to COVID and return to work. Ever changing plans and location nuances seem to be the order of the day, bringing with it unprecedented challenges and stress.

The focus of the presentation was on two main factors (i) Minimising Psychological Risk (prevention) and (ii) Addressing High Risk groups within the organisation (management).

In relation to (i) Minimising and Preventing Psychological Risk, Paul talked through the key drivers of Psychological Risk namely: Change & Uncertainty, Organisational Priorities, Job Risk, Disrupted work routines, and Managing individual employees needs and concerns. Specific strategies and recommendations for each of these was discussed, pulling together some sound practical suggestions.

Based on his insights from decades of experience, provided the group with an overview of the populations that will be at greater risk for Mental Health issues and thereby needing additional attention and support. He discussed the critical role of leaders and managers in doing this alongside the importance of partnering with the EAP – either through a traditional program or through a more proactive approach which sees greater uptake and engagement.

Thank you to Paul and Life Street for your informative presentation addressing an issue that currently top of mind for organisations especially in the short and medium term. Also, a big thank you to the large group that attended. If you would like to connect directly with Life Street or subscribe to their newsletter, please email: