Interview with Jessica Dodd

As part of a new segment in the Peoplecorp newsletter, we will be interviewing one of the team from time to time to give you a little bit more insight to them and their backgrounds.

First up this month is Jess Dodd who joined us in mid-2021 and has been a fabulous addition to the team. Jess focuses on the junior interim market.

What made you get into recruitment?

Prior to my recruitment career, I had studied my Bachelor in Business Management and worked in leadership roles within the retail sector.  I have always been passionate about working with people and coaching teams, and I knew the recruitment industry would offer me the chance to grow as well as work with many different demographics of people.

Can you tell us a bit about the other work you do outside of recruitment?

My other passion is health and wellbeing, particularly mental health. In 2019, I upskilled in Wellness Consulting and started a Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy to build alongside my career in recruitment and HR. I enjoy supporting organisations to build their team but also love to work with teams to inspire them to live well and healthy lives, inside and outside of work.

What are you most proud of? 

The top things that come to mind are buying my first home, back in 2018. After becoming an Australian Resident, I saved and worked so hard to purchase my first property. In 2020 after living in Australia for 8 years, I was fortunate enough to finally become an Australian citizen – both of which I would never have dreamed of when I first relocated here back in 2013.

Please tell us something that others would not know about you?!

One thing people are quite shocked about when they first meet me is my diverse range of music taste. If you’re in the car with me, you can expect to be listening to everything from 70’s rock, Motown classics, to 90’s hip-hop and Brit Pop. My favourite band is Queen and I have very vivid memories of re-enacting the ‘I want to break free’ music video in the living room as a child.

You have 3 wishes. You can use one professionally, one personally and the other however you choose! What would they be?

This is a tough one; I’m probably gearing more towards super powers than wishes… I think professionally, I wish I could pause time (Think Bernard’s watch style) so I can focus and get on top of my workload. Personally, I wish I could teleport and be in different places every day; I would love to go visit family in the UK one day, be in the Caribbean the next and then back to Sydney. Thirdly, I know everyone says it but I really wish all my friends and family to always be in good health and happy.

You can learn more about Jess here.