Interview With Adam Oldman

Adam joined Peoplecorp at the very start of January 2020, just a few weeks before the start of Covid! What a rollercoaster two-and-a-bit years it has been, but what an incredible addition he has been to the team.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in the North-West of England.

I am one of three brothers. My dad is a Farrier (also known as a Blacksmith) and has always been heavily involved with The Grand National and the Queen’s horses at Ascot. My mother was an underwriter. I have also lived in Southern England, Cyprus and Spain before moving to Australia.

What made you get into recruitment?

I have a background in Sales and seven and a half years ago I went for an interview for a Business Development Manager role with a Pharmaceutical company via a recruitment agency. The agency recruiter said I would be a great recruiter, so I interviewed with them directly, and have not looked back.

Ironically, my recruitment career almost came a lot earlier. In 2011 I interviewed for a role at James Caan’s new recruitment venture-capital company in London. He is the guy who was on Dragon’s Den! But at 21, I decided it was a more sensible decision to go back to University.

What do you enjoy most about the profession?

Making candidates and clients genuinely happy, being that match maker! There is no better feeling at work than when both express gratitude for the hard work and service that you have provided. I also love having the opportunity to work with such a diverse range of clients.

If you could do any other job, what would it be?

A singer or a DJ!

What is your prediction for the recruitment profession over the next decade?

After such major global events like the great resignation and the Covid-19 pandemic, I believe the market is really starting to see the true value that recruitment consultants can bring from insights, market knowledge and a deep specialised network.

I believe more and more HR tech will be utilised in recruitment and AI will continue to take away the more administrative tasks, freeing up recruiters’ time to be even more proactive.

What are you most proud of?

Professionally, I’m most proud of achieving 2 concurrent record-breaking years in terms of the number of HR professionals I have placed.

Personally, I am really proud of receiving a 1st Class Honours Business Management degree, and also recently purchasing my first house!

Please tell us something that most of our Clients and Candidates would not know about you?

I meditate daily and do yoga weekly!

You have 3 wishes. You can use one professionally, one personally and the other however you choose! What would they be?

1. To have good health, physically and mentally.
2. For candidates and clients to be honest, at all times.
3. To be grateful daily.