You Don’t Have to be an Extrovert to Make a Difference

As I browsed through TED Talks looking for something inspirational following International Women’s Day, I came across plenty that were good, in fact some were great, but one stopped me in my tracks. It was this talk by the modest but inspirational Cristina Domenech held in October 2014.

Why did it stop me in my tracks?

Well, because I couldn’t help but think that the very fact she is a woman contributed significantly to her success.  There is something simple yet wonderful about this story and it reminded me that to do great things a woman doesn’t have to hit the Board Room, success can come quietly and with integrity.

There is a lot to learn from this talk.  How we can effect change for the good even in the most hostile environments, how we can use brand new ideas to achieve great results, the power of encouragement and the positive impact of learning and development.

Tip!  Don’t think the first round of applause is the end, it isn’t.  The gem of the entire talk comes after that.

I hope you find it as inspirational as I did.

Watch the talk here