Amazing, innovative and downright absurd benefits!

In the ever evolving competition for top talent, organisations are coming up with new and innovative benefits to help attract and retain employees. Flare HR have collated details of some of the most interesting benefits from Australia and around the world.

The Most Impressive Company Benefits and Perks Around the World

Google allows employees to give each other ‘massage credits’ for successful projects. The massage credits can be redeemed for a free 1-hour massage on campus. Also, no need for employees to pack lunch or dinner, there’s free food all day round!

Apple matches employees for their time spent on philanthropic endeavours, not just money. The company will match up to $25 per hour of non-profit work for a total cap of $10,000 per employee. 

IKEA offers up to four months of paid parental leave to both part-time and full-time employees with at least one year of experience at the company, regardless of whether they work at the retail store or the corporate headquarters.

Johnson & Johnson’s employees have access to a concierge service that will see to it that their chores get done – ranging from returning overdue library books to making sure your dry cleaning gets picked up on time.

Facebook provides $4,000 in “Baby Cash” to employees with a newborn.

Campbell offers a full kindergarten program, after school program for kids six to 12 years old, and a lactation room for nursing mothers.

HubSpot provides a $5000 benefit each year for employees who want to take a class on anything to help them improve their career or grow in their personal life – from public speaking to learning Chinese.

LinkedIn gives its employees $2,000 a year to be spent on wellness activities like massages or fitness classes, understanding that rejuvenated and fresh employees are more likely to work better.

Deloitte offers counselling and referral services for professionals considering adoption, and reimbursement of up to $5000 per child for eligible expenses related to an adoption.

AirBnB offers each employee a $2,000 yearly travel credit to use on AirBnB. Employees can enjoy the site they work for, using that pay to stay in an AirBnB rental anywhere in the world.

The Most Impressive Company Benefits and Perks In Australia

  • Qantas provide staff with 90 per cent off flights, usually business class.

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia offers priority access to long day childcare places for children aged 0-5 years in nominated corporate child care centres.

  • MECCA Brands offers all its employees unlimited 40% discount off all products sold in MECCA Brands stores. The retail support team also enjoy team self-spoiling and wellbeing rewards such as group fitness training, yoga or dining out.

  • Lend Lease Australia reimburse child care fees and are understanding of diverse, flexible working hours.

  • NetApp Australia supports and provides assistance for employees who pursue a route of adoption to parenthood.

  • William Hill Australia has all espresso coffees, teas, fruit, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and catering for end-of-month drinks as fully subsidised.

  • Allianz encourages up to 12 “Productive Days” entitling its employees to additional, paid days off from work after achieving targets and working the hours necessary to complete the job.

  • Employsure offers employees with a range of office perks, especially Tea and Coffee Trolley Mondays and an active social committee.

  • Grant Thorton Australia offers an unlimited paid-time policy to its nearly 7,000 employees, in line with the belief of a culture of trust and empowerment.

  • Bupa encourages people to lead a healthy lifestyle by providing onsite health checks, pedometer challenges and helps people quit smoking with a generous refund on nicotine replacement therapies

The Most Unexpected & Innovative Company Benefits and Perks Offered by Companies Around the World

  • Microsoft employees have access to the ChargePoint Network, an open-platform network of electric vehicle charging stations in the US and around the globe.

  • Apple & Facebook have started offering egg freezing or cryopreservation for employees who opt to freeze potential children for after they’ve built a solid career.

  • Freeborn & Peters, Chicago hold “luggage parties” for its employees, whereby everyone comes to work with their backs packed, and four are randomly chosen for a weekend trip to Vegas.

  • Google provides the surviving spouse or partner of a deceased employee 50% of their salary for the next 10 years.

  • Zillow allows their employees who are travelling to ship their breast milk.

  • Goldman Sachs offers coverage for gender reassignment surgery as well as transgender-related prescription drugs in moves to recruit and retain a more diverse workforce.

  • Fox Kalomaski, a London-based ad agency offers its employees “Botox Leave” where employees can take anywhere from a few hours off to an entire day for beauty treatments – haircuts, facials, botox injections.

  • Boxed Wholesale understands the average wedding these days isn’t cheap, so the company helps employees to pay for their ceremonies.

  • Patagonia, based in California encourages its employees to catch a wave or two in the middle of the day. The reception desk posts daily surf reports and make companywide announcements on especially good surf days.

  • Asana, a Silicon Valley start-up gives each employee $10,000 to spend on office setup. The most common choice is a motorised desk that allow employees to work sitting or standing.

Source – Flare HR 

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