HR knows that it needs to change. But does it know how?

HR directors are constantly being challenged for not having a credible seat at the table. How much have they adapted and evolved to meet the demands for commercial growth and customer innovation?

We Are Unity’s 2018 HR Unity survey results show that the number one focus area for evolving the organisation’s culture to achieve business objectives is to drive customer/consumer centricity (52%). Yet only 22% of HR leaders report to use sales & revenue data in their decision making.

Is it that they simply don’t know how? Or is it that it’s time for an entirely new breed of capability leading the human capital expenditure design? Or is it in fact unfair to expect HR leaders to be able to speak in the languages of sales, marketing, brand and innovation as well as be able to make data driven commercial decisions?

The 2018 HR Unity report shows that only 24% of HR leaders are linking their people performance work to business outcomes. And only a mere 8% are using analytics to predict how they should think and act when it comes to HR budget investment allocation.

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