Health and Benefits Trends in 2021

Now that the worst of the pandemic has passed for Australia, we are entering the next phase where more organisations return to BAU. There is clear evidence that the job market is picking up, creating new and renewed opportunities for talent across the nation.

With the disrupted team dynamics that organisations have suffered in the past few months and with a much needed boost to team morale, we think one of the biggest challenges employers will face in 2021 is employee engagement (and ultimately retention). This calls for an opportunity to review and reshape the benefits industry.

Click HERE to read the article from HR Executive which discusses the biggest health and benefit trends organisations can expect to define in 2021. Whilst it is written for a U.S. audience in mind, most are certainly relevant for the Australian market. Offerings such as the COVID vaccine support and roll-out, mental health resources, remote and flexible work arrangement offerings are all going to be important to consider.