Harnessing the Power of Technology for Happier, Healthier Employees

We were delighted to have a panel of industry experts lead the discussion before HR Leaders on the topic of employee wellbeing at our latest HR thought leadership lunch. The panel was moderated by Simone Landes – Founder and Director of The Lifestyle Suite (TLS)– and consisted of TLS’ Creative Director Casey Beros, Troy Morgan from Springday, and Liv Hewitt from Virgin Australia.

To a highly engaged room the panel discussed how technology is powering teams towards greater wellbeing, in turn creating a visible culture of care and an environment of happier, healthier employees.

Casey walked attendees through what makes great health content and the incredible opportunity for employers in 2019, and Troy presented the Springday platform and spoke to how data, when coupled with ongoing and consistent interactive health education for employees, delivers impressive results. Liv talked through Virgin’s experiences as an early adopter of the technology and how they’re leading the charge when it comes to people-driven ROI.

Our panel agreed how beneficial it is for companies to educate their people on wellbeing initiatives, not just for the obvious health benefits but also for the positive impact it has on the company’s success. Utilising the technology that organisations like Springday have developed, and linking this with the content that The LifeStyle Suite produce, employees at companies like Virgin are really benefitting and in turn the company is seeing increased engagement.

We would like to thank the panel for leading the discussion and everyone who attended the event!