Getting Back from Isolation: Planning for The “Snap-Back”.

OK – so we’ve got this working from home thing down, but now it’s time to start planning to come back out into the world, armed with new skills and capabilities of course.

It is early days, but things have gone as well as they could (so far – so good). We have all proven to be far more adaptive than we knew we could be. Necessity, it turns out, is definitely the mother of invention.

As we adapt to our new lifestyles and working patterns, there has been a lot of advice on how we can survive and thrive in this strange reality; some expert – some not.

Now comes the big challenge – how do we move out of our home offices and lounge rooms (and back into the office, to work alongside our colleagues again – yeah physically not just on Zoom.

In this SnapBack discussion we explored the physical, social and emotional challenges we will all face in getting back to the “next normal”.

Surveys are showing that most people are adapting rapidly to remote working and will be reluctant to give it up quickly. Engaged as we are in a great lockdown experiment, we will need to come back gradually, in our own time, and at our own pace.

This will be a period marked by the need of great collaboration, even whilst we distance physically. It will be different. We are all navigating the unknown, and therefore will need understanding, compassion and forgiveness as we make a way forward.

Leaders in our companies will face great demands, needing to balance the tension of rebuilding with the reluctance that some of us will express for the new reality.

Leaders will build their teams by focusing on their well-being, by being open, supportive and developing their team members’ confidence as they reengage with their physical work environments. Leadership that builds individual and team connections will provide the way forward as we develop our teams and cultures in the days ahead. This will not be a time to drive our teams and business hard, rather it will provide us with an opportunity to see the true benefits of supporting one another as we face the challenge and opportunities ahead

There will be false starts, it may get tense. Ultimately we are stronger together, and together we have the chance to show what we are capable of.

Oh, and don’t forget to have a laugh – it’s good for your wellbeing, and it provides for higher motivation and performance at work.