Exclusive! Mrs Claus on work, her man and deciding to go public

It was a huge surprise, sending the office into a virtual spin, when we received a letter back from Mrs Claus agreeing to an interview this year. We want to get to know you better we said, and we’re intrigued by your decision to step into the limelight. Would you come and talk to us?

And heavens above she said yes, so here it is, an exclusive with Mrs Claus.


Jane: Mrs Claus, let’s get personal, how did you get to meet and start a relationship with Mr. Claus?

Mrs C: Ah, we met some time ago. He came to me for some advice as my area of expertise is in logistics, distribution and technology. The world may be getting smaller for some but for Mr. C it represents a huge challenge every year and he was finding it difficult to remember everything. He needed help and over a few dinners we sort of hit it off. The rest is history!

Jane: You certainly do seem to have a very successful distribution network. What’s the secret?

Mrs C: We employ only the best and we have state of the art technology. Good people and good animals are central to the marketing and delivery of our service. Our elves and helpers come from all walks of life. We embraced diversity long before anyone else. The reindeer are amazing and work very hard. They are also very flexible and have a great attitude so if there’s a storm brewing they can quickly change route. The weather can be quite troublesome you know.

Jane: We couldn’t have a chat without asking about Rudolf. He is a legend but any sign of him retiring?

Mrs C: Heavens, I wouldn’t let him hear you even suggest retirement! Rudolf is awesome and the best leader. He’s not a publicity seeker and stays low profile most of the year other than December. The rest of the year he’s out doing his research. He likes to just get on with things.

Jane: What sort of research does he do?

Mrs C: He spends a number of months route planning. Although the main route around the world is pre-set there are always external variations to consider. The weather, air traffic, wind currents, new housing, that sort of thing, so he develops options for alternatives. We then run those through the computer system and do some probabilistic analysis to ensure we cover off all eventualities. We also have to factor in Mr. C’s tendency to forget things as occasionally we have to do a bit of back-tracking!

Jane: What part does technology play in your business?

Mrs C: A huge part, we would struggle without it. I love anything cutting edge and am always willing to try out new things. On the other hand Mr. Claus is a real traditionalist and totally refuses to deliver presents using anything other that the reindeer and the sleigh. However, behind the scenes there’s a highly futuristic technological infrastructure.

Jane: Some would say you’ve decided to Lean In this year with a raising of your profile. We’re talking now about the ad you appear in that’s showing in the UK. You also mention Australia in that ad. We’re intrigued, tell us more (and reader if you haven’t already seen it you can view it here)

Mrs C: Well, deciding to appear in the ad was easy. We haven’t had a really good holiday for years. The bills keep coming and we aren’t getting the interest on our savings that we used to, so when this opportunity came along, I decided to take it. We couldn’t do the ad without mentioning Australia as not forgetting Australia is one of the little jokes Mr.C and I share. Every time time we talk about going on holiday I say “Don’t forget about Australia” and finally, we are going to holiday here early part of the year, which is our quiet time.

Jane: So you could be on the beach in Killcare or Noosa or Margaret River January/February?

Mrs C: Yes, we’re doing all of those and also the Great Ocean Road, The Northern Territory and Uluru. Mr C. is particularly keen to walk around the base of Uluru as he’s only ever seen it from the air.

Jane: Are you worried that people will recognise you now and you’ll lose your privacy?

Mrs C: Not at all. The person you see in the ad is me but a good sprinkling of Magic Dust means you see me quite differently. So you’ll never recognise me again. I often take a walk around the shops looking at the new makeup ranges and searching out ideas for gifts and people pass me without knowing who I am. It happens all the time.

Jane: So the person standing next to me in David Jones could be you?

Mrs C: Yes, absolutely. I love the Sydney shops!

Jane: Forgive us for saying it but we get a sense that you are rather more stylish in the ad than we realised.

Mrs C: Oh I love fashion. I wear a lot of cashmere and wool and warm stuff but I also love getting dressed up for work. Obviously, red is our work colour and I love it but I also like wearing softer more muted colours when I’m chilling out.

Jane: Have you any message for the millions of people out there who are eagerly awaiting a visit from Mr. C?

Mrs C: Yes, a purely practical one. Please ration the mince-pies and the alcohol. The sky does get quite busy you know and I do worry about him until he’s safely back on Christmas Day.

Jane: Thanks Mrs Claus, it’s been a pleasure and now if I could just have a little bit of that Magic Dust………..

Ad Source: Marks and Spencer