Early Talent Masterclass

We hosted our most recent Early Talent Masterclass yesterday, where Ryan McGhee gave an insightful talk to a room full of bright, up-and-coming HR professionals on the topic of ‘Culture’ and his own personal style of ‘Disruptive Leadership’ – also the name of his own business.

Ryan talked us through his own career, how he took risks and moved into roles which were outside of the typical, linear ‘HR generalist career path’ and how this was formative in becoming a well-rounded HR practitioner.

He went on to share some interesting stories, case studies and personal experiences around culture and leadership. He encouraged the emerging leaders to challenge the status quo and to never forget their impact because every individual (regardless of level) can have an impact on shaping the culture of an organisation. You don’t have to be an HR Director to start to drive change. Look to the little things such as forming committees, becoming an ambassador or champion for new initiatives and question “why” we do things, rather than just “what” we do.

He had a few tips and takeaways for our group of talented, emerging HR professionals including:

  • Never underestimate the impact you can have and the leadership shadow that you cast.
  • Make the emotional connection for people and focus on “why” we do what we do and not just on the “what”.
  • Coaches and mentors are vital in your professional development.
  • Your network is everything.

Our thanks to Dexus for hosting us in their lovely offices and of course to Ryan for his insights and time.