COVID-19: a Crisis… or an Opportunity?

The data has spoken, and corporate Australia is listening.

The decade so far has seen a global crisis shake the business world to the core, forcing organisations to radically rethink the way they work. Several months down the track, and corporate Australia is taking stock of every lesson learnt in their quest to design ‘the new normal’.

As a business created to help organisations realise their potential, through their people – We Are Unity pride themselves in continually evolving the science of a productive workforce. They’ve been busy surveying their peers and partners about how COVID has affected their business – for better and for worse.

In partnership with Macquarie Business School, We Are Unity presents their latest report, COVID-19: Crisis or Catalyst? which has been informed by a quantitative and qualitative study with Senior Executives in the ASX200, and 100 Senior Executives and mid-level managers from a cross-section of major industries.

The resulting report focuses on how the crisis has also been a catalyst for major transformation in the way we view work, creating a paradigm shift towards a work experience that effectively balances performance, employee wellbeing and customer experience.

The research uncovered that COVID-19 has given laser-like focus to the following three priorities:

1. Employee mental health, wellbeing and safety.
2. Faster, smarter and more cost effective ways of working.
3. Digital-disruption to future-proof business.

In addition to the following three principles that will guide and steer the future of work;

1. The right data and insight; Asking the right questions around impact on productivity and performance in order to make informed strategic decisions.
2. A test and learn (unbiased) mindset; Defining hypotheses to test and gather data on whilst the workforce is split between home and office.
3. Balanced decision making; Taking into account all variables of data, as well as the context in which it was gathered, whilst using smart analytics to understand the impact on both performance and employee wellbeing.

The report includes thoughtful recommendations on how to sustain any positive changes as you plan your next chapter, in order to truly realise the potential of your organisation’s ‘new normal’.

To discover all of the insights, opportunities and recommendations following this history-making start to 2020 download We Are Unity’s ‘COVID-19: Crisis or Catalyst?’ Report now!