The Benefits of Supporting Parents at Work

In our most recent event. Peoplecorp in conjunction with the Moir Group, Karitane and Minter Ellison hosted a panel discussing the Benefits of Supporting Parents at Work.

We were delighted to have Ita Buttrose who is the Patron to Karitane on the panel along with Karen Burns the Deputy Commissioner of the Mental Health Commission NSW, Sharlene Vlahos, Director Education and Business Development at Karitane and Mary Lyras, the Chief Talent Officer at Minter Ellison. Kristy Edser who is a Partner at Minter Ellison, chaired the discussion.

There was a fantastic turn out with 130 attendees and valuable discussion by the panel about what initiatives we can be doing to make things easier for parents in the workforce. It was great to hear Ita talk about having a Karitane nurse when she was having her children and the support she was given during her career from Karitane. Ita was also quick to point out that you shouldn’t have guilt from maintaining your career. As she mentioned “guilt means you have done something wrong!”

It was interesting to hear Karen’s examples of the trends she has seen in the workforce from a mental health perspective. Her advice to employers was to insert simple engagement tools and to keep the conversations happening with your employees before the problem gets worse. Sharlene who is a big supporter of practical support reminded the audience of the “good enough parent” speaking to the fact that parents can’t be expected to be perfect, and that “being a good parent 30% of the time is good enough parenting!”

This tied in nicely with Mary saying that at Minter Ellison they are very much of the opinion you need to be ”kind to yourself” and unfortunately a lot of the stress parents are placing on themselves can be self imposed.

In summary it was agreed that there needs to be a focus on organisations to shift their cultures to understand what parents are going through and to be able to implement policies that work to support this.

Thank you to the Moir Group, Karitane and Minter Ellison for their support with a great event.