Creative HR Event – Building Brands Through People

Ben Bars of Eight Steps West shook up conventional wisdom around employment marketing showing today’s guests what can be achieved when silos within a business unite to establish a genuine emotional connection with the brand.

A well embedded EVP allows you to not only build a stronger reputation in the market as a desirable employment destination, but is also critical in establishing an emotional connection between your people and the business strategy – but how can you achieve this and who is doing it well?

The short answer is those businesses whose people have an emotional connection with the brand produce genuine Brand Ambassadors.

By optimising the area where Brand, Employees and Customers converge, you can deliver a customer experience which is genuine and authentically drives commercial returns through advocacy and loyalty.

One of the key takeaways was that as HR professionals, we should approach culture design through a marketing lens.

Drawing on his extensive experience in aligning brands and culture, Ben shared some of the latest employee experience designs created for iconic businesses throughout the APAC region, including Cathay Pacific, Medibank, Jurlique and KFC. A demonstration of how creative and cutting edge HR leaders can be.Taking Jurlique's Seed Journey

Some of the work Ben shared included how sophisticated employers have become:

– Using mobile apps to better connect and establish a genuine dialogue with their people.

– Developing virtual reality content for employee onboarding purposes. With a growing shift from employee communication to employee experience.

– Formally training their employees on social media so the vast majority of the workforce may become an extension of both the ‘marketing’ and ‘recruitment’ functions.

Wonderful as these initiatives might be, most attendees agreed, budget is often a major issue, and so there was much discussion around building a business case. The view was that HR must begin to run metrics on commercial growth, business development and product innovation in order to access additional Capex budgets, whilst simultaneously reporting on (and correlating) the standard employee engagement and operational efficiency data to justify Opex reengineering.

When asked who is doing a good job?  Ben cited a couple of companies, including Yahoo7.

Read Case Study

What became apparent throughout Ben’s presentation, was that HR itself is going through huge transformation, so that it in turn will be in a position of strength to effectively enable innovation for the evolution of their respective organisations.

We would like to thank 8SW for sharing their insights and Start VR who showcased the latest virtual reality headset technology used by some businesses in their EVP campaigns.

Read Jurlique HRD Gail Symon’s recent interview about their EVP journey.


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