2020/2021 Annual Reward Event

We were delighted to have Jairus Ashworth and Simon Kennedy, two of Aon’s Partners, present their review of the Reward market again this year. Now in its 7th year, this is always one of the calendar highlights for Sydney’s senior Reward professionals.

With exactly 100 guests joining in via Zoom (which unfortunately hit a capacity limit!), Simon and Jairus drew upon Aon’s research across total rewards, people performance, and human capital, to share some insights into what is obviously a most unusual year.

We took a look at the highly volatile economic environment and which countries have faced the harshest economic conditions; it was surprising to see the small number of countries which have managed to keep growing through the health crisis. And also to learn which countries have the most hospital beds per capita! Details were revealed on how many companies have deferred pay reviews, cancelled pay reviews or even reduced pay temporarily. Some data was also shared on how companies are adjusting their sales incentive plans to reflect the economic situation.

We looked globally at the emerging changes in how we work and are rewarded and highlighted that major changes to working arrangements, benefits, time off policies and job design are likely to play out for a number of years as the future of work evolves.

Jairus finished with a bit of fun in announcing the second year of “The Jobbies”! After scanning more than 200,000 job titles in their global database, some of the more amusing, amazing and interest were shared. The brilliant title of “Chief Beer Lover” was just eclipsed by “Team Leader Flash Butt”; the latter a welding technique he gave us on a detailed look into.

Thank you to those who made the time to attend.