How experienced is your HR recruitment team?

As a team we are probably the most experienced in Sydney. Not only do we have excellent track records in HR recruitment but we also have a number of team members who have held corporate HR roles. We are extremely fussy about who works at Peoplecorp and all have great can-do attitudes. Our turnover is low and most of the team have been with us for some time.

How do you decide which Consultant would look after my role?

We would make a judgement about this after talking to you about your role. Then we would propose a particular consultant and explain why we think that person would be best for your role.

If there is a specific Consultant I want to work on my role can I request them?

Yes of course, we can work together to see how best to make that happen.

What can we expect from our Consultant?

You’ll get an excellent service as our consultants go above and beyond every day. They are totally focused on giving you the best result possible, no matter what level of role they’re recruiting on your behalf.

What are your team members like to work with?

Well, they want the best for you so they’ll do everything to make sure you get a successful solution and the best candidate for your role. That may mean they need to chivvy you along a bit if you’re taking your time setting up interviews or it may mean they’ll help and guide you through some decision making. Whatever it is you can rest assured it will be supportive, experienced and honest.

What’s your placement success rate like?

Excellent. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but our track record is enviable! And in the unlikely event a problem occurs that we could have foreseen then we’ll put our guarantee clause into action.

What sectors do you recruit for?

All sectors where there is the need for competent HR people. Our clients can be anything from ASX listed companies to smaller more specialised SMEs.

What levels of roles?

Our recruitment expertise spans from the Graduate Entry Level through to HR Directors of ASX companies. We have team members who specialise at different levels so your role is always in experienced hands whether you need Generalists, Specialists, Heads of Function or an HRD.

Why do you specialise only in HR?

We prefer to be very, very good at what we do rather than trying to be all things to all people. Our background is HR and HR recruitment. It’s what we are good at and what we are experienced in. Our track record is testament to our expertise.

What is your experience recruiting senior HR roles?

A large part of our business is focused on the recruitment of senior roles. We have a number of candidates already on our database who are poised and ready to step into senior roles either as a step up or for a move into a different environment that will provide more stretch for their skills.

I have a senior role vacancy that is a bit sensitive. Are you able to handle that?

Yes, this is familiar to us as there is often some type of sensitivity around senior roles. We can work with you on that.

Who should I contact?

In the first instance please contact Ed Greenwood

How experienced is your HR Contracting Team?

Our Contracting Team is well-experienced and enjoys an excellent reputation for quality placements and their speed of response.

How quickly can you source HR Contractors?

The words the HR Contracting team hear most often are ‘how quickly’?! The answer is that we have a dedicated team who are filling contracts daily. Their network is excellent and they keep in constant contact with HR Contractors so have up to date knowledge of who’s available and who soon will be.
We can guarantee you they will work quickly and have placed contractors within 24 hours, though a little more time is welcome!

Do you offer payroll services for HR Contractors?

Yes we do offer this service through an external payroll facility. So if you prefer not to have your contractor on your payroll, perhaps for headcount purposes, we can accommodate that.

Do you place senior HR Contractors as well as junior and middle level?

Yes. The need for senior HR Contractors has been growing over the past few years, often to support projects or fill maternity leave. We now have a large database of senior HR Contractors.

Who should I contact?

In the first instance, please contact Emma Vickers

If I don’t want my role advertised, can you source candidates from your database only?

Yes, we can. We have a large database which we work actively with on a daily basis.

Can you accommodate internal candidates into the recruitment process?


What is your approach towards candidates?

Candidates are the lifeblood of our business. Peoplecorp has always aimed to give candidates a good experience whether they are successful in their application or whether they’re not. Our approach is broad. It is more than simply being communicative (though that is very important) it is also about being open, transparent and reasonable in our dealings with people. Our Consultants are all experienced in giving constructive feedback to candidates so, whilst it may be disappointing for some candidates not to get the job, they are given the time and feedback they need to move on and learn from the experience.

Where do you source your candidates from?

Candidates can come from a number of sources such as networks, referrals, database, search, etc.
We have a large database that we work with constantly and our network is widespread, including candidates who are only prepared to move for the right role so you won’t see them visible in the HR market.
It isn’t so much that there is only one good source, recruiters must keep all options open and ensure no potential source is overlooked for any role. We therefore decide which approaches to take once we know more about the role and the company.

What is your policy on Communications?

Good communication is a key part of the recruitment process, as is timing. We pay a great deal of attention to both. In a busy market both are essential and can make the difference in your securing your chosen candidate and losing them to another employer.

How do you structure your fees?

We structure our fees around the nature of the process and the level of the role. Once we have a good sense of the role and what the recruitment process will entail we can then give you details about our fees. We are always open and transparent about our charges and include those in our Agreements.

Are you on any Preferred Supplier Panels?

Yes. We are on a selected number of Panels.
If you are interested in us joining your Preferred Suppliers please contact Tim Henry at or on 0415 416 191.

Do you have a brochure that summarises what you do?

Yes, we have an online brochure.

  • I've always found Tim reliable and trustworthy - 2 characteristics that I consider as essential pre-requisites for long term partnerships with recruiters. I genuinely believe that Tim acts in the best interests of the client at all times in spite of the potential conflicts of personal interest that can arise in the recruitment industry.

    Steve RowePreviously GM Human Capital, Laing O'Rourke
  • Ed was great during the recruitment process - always responsive, helpful and patient. I trust him implicitly. I'd definitely recommend Peoplecorp to others.

    Ryan McGheePreviously HR Associate Director, Macquarie