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Highly regarded for his personal approach to recruitment, Tim is a leader in the Sydney recruitment market. An expert in recruitment he is also a great sounding board for senior HR people in search of career development advice.

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Interview with Jessica Dodd

As part of a new segment in the Peoplecorp newsletter, we will be interviewing one of the team from time to time to give you a little bit more insight to them and their backgrounds. First up this month is Jess Dodd who joined us in mid-2021 and has been a fabulous addition to the team. Jess focuses on the junior interim market.

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From The Front Lines of The Talent Transformation, Josh Bersin Sees a ‘Big Reset’

Originally published on, this article focuses on the talent transformation that has taken shape in recent times and particularly notes how HR technology is helping to advance talent strategy. I found it particularly interesting that Bersin’s view is that HR tech is advancing in tandem with amazing HR professionals, not in place of them.

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