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With a background in HR from the UK, Ed has been recruiting in the Sydney market since 2007. With his wealth of recruitment and HR experience, Ed offers thoughtful commentary and practical advice to our Reading Room.

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Can HR Metrics Deliver Business Success?

With more and more organisations moving to highly sophisticated cloud based HR information systems, we have more access to HR data than ever before. The real question is what to do with it all and what is its ‘value’, specifically in relation to business improvement. HR metrics and measurements can be powerful in showing us areas…

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How to raise your professional profile without raising eyebrows

With continued positive sentiment in the employment market, we’re seeing more new roles becoming available (which is the good news), however disproportionately more candidates are vying for each position making it fiercely competitive. So, candidates need to look at every aspect of their personal brand and find ways to differentiate themselves. One piece of advice…

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