Who are we?

We are the HR recruitment specialists established to make HR recruitment better for you, better for the industry and better for HR.

You won’t find our website littered with vague aspirational statements. Instead, we just deliver. That’s how we have built our reputation, we get some amazingly great jobs to fill and we get to meet fantastic people along the way.

Clients and candidates have called our placements perfect, inspired, spot-on and sometimes, they have even been called totally brilliant! Many have kicked off wonderful careers for great HR people whilst some have simply been the right job, in the right place at the right time.

Whatever our level, we are at work too many hours to be unhappy and unfulfilled. So if you’re going to make a career move, let’s make it a good one. And if you want a new HR person to join your team, then let’s make sure you get the best.


If it comes under the broad HR umbrella then we have been there and recruited for it. From Board level Executive Leaders to fledgling HR Generalists, from strategists to implementers, we have found solutions for clients by sourcing the very best HR talent.

For higher level roles our Search methods reflect the contemporary HR recruitment world. Search processes are no longer as labour intensive or time-consuming as they were; our pricing reflects that. Where we add most value, is in our ability to focus on the crucial assessment of fit.

It’s our way of giving you a better service.


We work across all industries and have experience in a wide range of different environments and cultures. We know what skills and style transfer well from one to another and which don’t.

Our only requirement is a willingness to employ quality HR.


Controlling the highs and lows of work flow and financial budgets can be achieved by adding a totally flexible skill stream to your HR department. Contractors have proved the perfect solution. More experienced than ever, HR Contractors are providing invaluable, supportive and financial benefits to HR functions across many businesses.

So in addition to our permanent placements we also provide you with a dedicated HR Contractor service. For maternity leave roles, peaks in work or special projects you can resource up by contacting us with your needs.


Oakleaf logo
Peoplecorp partners with Oakleaf Partnership, a respected HR Recruitment company in the UK.

This partnership allows us to offer our clients true global reach in sourcing top HR talent, with an increasing number of savvy businesses considering relocating candidates from the UK. If you are an HR Professional ready to move to the UK, we can help by putting you in touch with experts in the HR field.

For more information about Oakleaf, please visit their website Oakleaf Partnership or contact Simon Hunt at Oakleaf, or Tim Henry at Peoplecorp.